do you like round almost

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M2K is a god damn machine dude like back in the days after he learned how to mindgame and before the metagame caught up to him he could just say “hm im going to take a stock from you now” and he would. only Mango can pull that off now

no clue who mango is i haven’t been aware of anything smash for a while now

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i dont main Marth any more i actually main Game & Watch and Dr. Mario also Captain Falcon sucks

dr mario is formidable but how can you not like falcon!!! literally the most fun moveset besides like DK

i can’t believe harrison sexhaver mains marth and doesn’t main something respectable like captain falcon

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if you’re still kinda loosely into competitive smash you absolutely need to watch this video…

how did shiz lay it on so thick for so long for m2k to just SHIT on him in the last like minute and a half 

those commentators are so much better than like 80% of what i’ve seen recently i’m so glad they got hype

hey tumblr

hey tumblr two questions 1. how do i grow a beard 2. where can i illegally buy cigarettes thank you

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i watched that match drunk and i literally shouted at my laptop


honestly i was loosely into competitive smash up until i saw that video and i still went crazy after his fucking meteor smash finish like JEEEEEZUS…….

amsa is a blessing or an omen to the reckoning 

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fistfight or 1v1 CoD match

either or honestly it depends on whether you want to laugh or be stunned

i feel like if they went 1v1 it’d be like that one amsa match vs m2k where everyone simultaneously ejaculated at the thought of a yoshi winning on FD

this ecig review video im watching just had a fucking metal sound bloom fade into the next shot it was so jarring and weird

why would you put fancy filters in an e cig review is this the future we’ve all been waiting for



that “thirsty” dude hitting you up and checking up on you all the time is probably the dude that actually cares about you.


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what are the fighting status like health bars and attack and defense?? this is not enuff info

well happiness video guy probably is a lover but not a fighter but his precision with a sniper rifle is apparent in his videos so he may have the upper hand there

i have no idea what kind of stats the NIN guy has i’ll get back to you on that one